Basic Hoof Anatomy

There is a lot more about the hoof anatomy than this, but this is the basics, to get an Idea of what is the structure of a horse:

This is a picture of basic hoof anatomy


This is a picture of bones, tendons, etc, below the fetlock joint


This is a picture of the actual hoof



What to do with weather – Hot, Cold and just right!

Wild Horses in the snow - They can handle the coldObviously if it is your normal whether, you can do whatever you normally do with your horse, but there are a few things you can do when it is cold/hot. All horses naturally live in the wild, so they can take the heat or cold, it is just nice to do something for them to help them keep a balanced temperature.

I personally do not like keeping horses in stalls, after all, I would not like being stuck inside something that is the size of a porta-potty. Although, if I’m stuck in a porta-potty, at least I don’t have to stand I have in my own feces, like horses do in stalls.


Enough about stalls, onward with the wind. Get it? I said wind and we are talking about weather. Yea I’m starting to see my real humor ability. Although I feel like talking about stalls, that can be a topic for another post. So what I was trying to say was that, although horses are warmer in stalls, this is not their natural habitat. We are humans, not wild animals like horses, but we still wouldn’t want to be stuck in the same, crammed place doing nothing for the rest of our lives. Humans and horses want to experience  a wonderful life! And horses do it by being in the wild with interesting places to see and play, instead of being in and around poop, pee, stalls and places to go to for their owners like shows, but can only be there for the person riding him/her for their own pleasure. (I’m not saying going to shows and participating in them is bad, I’m saying that they would prefer to live in their natural habitat than be in a show arena.)

Hot or raining: When you have open pastures for your horse(s) to roam free, they should have a space to hangout, eat, sleep, get cozy, get shade, shield themselves, etc, like the pictures bellow:

*Credits to: Think Like a Horse from Rick Gore Horsemanship for these pictures. I only drew the red and blue lines – These pictures are being used for educational purposes ONLY

20171020_000442 - Copy

The red is the open space!


The blue is the closed space. (To keep the horses from sneaking into your house.)

This feature allows a horse to make a choice for his/her own and to choose whether he/she wants to be in or outside. This doesn’t only make your horses happier by allowing them to make a choice for their own, but it improves your horsemanship skills and knowledge.

Somewhere snowy/cold: DO NOT PUT BLANKETS ON YOUR HORSE. They naturally live in the wild, why do they need it now? If horses are out in pasture, they might be running and playing and they will stay warm, because horses body temperatures go up when they are exercising, playing, fighting, being stressed, and are excited including much more. WE ARE THE HUMANS AND WE NEED TO START LEARNING FROM THE HORSE INSTEAD OF HUMANS WITH FALSE INFORMATION. So, the reason why I don’t like blankets especially in the snow, is because the blanket makes the horse sweat, then the salt in the sweat freezes and makes the horse colder. The horse is not like us humans, they are made for the wild, which humans prefer to live in a home.

When it is hot: When it is hot you should bathe your horse, you don’t have to use soap or conditioner, it is just to cool the horse down. Remember to get the sweat off the horse or it will dry up and make the horse more dry and hot. You can do this just to give them salt and minerals or definitely do it after riding on a hot day, because were sweating and it is hot so also give them salt and mineral blocks that were lost in the sweat. Another thing to do for your horses that they will love is making them some watermelon, with apples and carrots. You can put some water on them if needed and then add salt to keep them hydrated and give them back the salt they need or lost.

Extra: An extra hydrating, really fun treat you can give your horses are Popsicle sticks. No, not the Popsicle sticks made for humans, but you can make your own for the horse(s). You can blend some watermelon, carrots, apples, bananas and more to make a yummy smoothie, you might just want a sip for yourself! Put the horse smoothie in the ice-cream-making molds and freeze them. Then, when they are done, tie or hang them on a tree or something for them to lick on. Tasty!

This is some of what I know about hot and cold weather+horses, sorry if I had any false information, but I hope some of it helped you! Happy horsing!


Always get back on! Pt.3

I got back on and tried a second time, because I wasn’t too badly hurt! I didn’t feel nervous, but I guess I was, because as we got to the jump skeeter was going at a fast trot and leaped over the jump. Then, he bolted after the jump because I clamped on with my heels and he galloped through Simba and Legend (two other horses). The trainer said I could ride legend instead and me and him did perfectly fine. This was not skeeter fault that I fell or that he bolted, it was both our faults.

Always get Back on! Pt. 2

As you Know, I did get back on. This was the first time I rode Skeeter and this was the second time I tried the vertical on him. Skeeter (the horse I was riding) swerved to one side, but I pushed him back to the jump and when we got back to the jump I fell to the side of Skeeter a little bit. Then, Skeeter went over the jump whilst I was on the side of him and I fell off and he bolted away.

Always Get back on!

On Saturday, I fell off a horse during my club lesson, but I did get back on. You can’t always get back on depending on the injury. I hit my arm but it didn’t brake. It was bleeding and now it was swollen. I also hurt my hip, ankle and neck, but those weren’t bad. My point is if you can, try and get back on your horse and try again. To be continued…

Why I love Horses

I love horses so much! They are beautiful, majestic animals. They understand your thoughts and feelings. I love it when they play and buck with their friends and run happily and free in their home of the wild. They deserve much respect and shouldn’t be pushed around by humans. These animals are our companions and friends. We should work with them instead of working against them. They need time to understand things so making them work alone is not the answer. Loving your horse is not giving it a carrot, but giving it a little bit of freedom.

welcome to my blog!

My blog is about horses and horsemanship. When you own a horse, it is not always about riding it, but taking good care of it. Some people say a horse cannot be a pet. A horse is definitely not something to own easily, but it deserves to be your companion too. You should not just own it to make it win competitions for you, but to love the animal for everything it has done for you.

Remember! A horse is not born bad. It becomes bad. It is never the horses fault for anything that happens, but somebody who caused the horse to be like that. A horse deserves our respect and whatever you do to the horse should be something you would do back to yourself. This shows the respect for one another. Ever second you are with the horse, you are teaching it, whether it is good or bad. You need to love and show your respect for the horse no matter what. It is not just giving your horse kisses, but then whipping it later. It is about truly taking care of the wonderful, majestic animal and loving your horse. #HowToLoveYourHorse